A New Blog Thingy

This blog post first appeared on the main journal over at www.matthewjames.dk

I love writing. I just love words, and language, and the ability to express myself as clearly as possible. Sometimes the point or topic gets overlooked, or misinterpreted, or lost in translation, but generally speaking I think I’m pretty good at it.

Back in 2003 I used to write a blog for the band I was in. It was great, because it was just a place where I could be candid and playful, without worrying about who was reading it, how old they were, what they could get out of it, whether it would go viral, and what time of day they were online. In other words, it was honest thoughts and experiences laid bare for all to see. There were consequences, of course. Like the time the police paid me a visit and asked me to remove a post. And the ex-girlfriend who learned some truths about our relationship. But these were typical ramblings of a 21-year-old who just wanted to be a rock ‘n’ roll star and not worry about the people he pissed off along the way.

Today things are slightly different. I have a successful photography business and a family of my own; I’ve a lot more respect for other people, and I don’t want to make waves just for the sake of it. But I still have opinions that I want to share, and stories that I feel need telling – for my sake if no-one else’s.

So this new journal really is just that. It’s not a blog post that takes all day to plan, research and publish. I won’t really be sharing any pictures (they take way too long to resize and add a watermark for branding purposes), and I doubt I’ll promote or share the entries online. Maybe just this first one.

The reason for this new blog / journal is simple: I want to write. I want to talk about life as a freelance photographer in Copenhagen; I want to share the things I’m learning along the way – marketing and social media, for examle. Business lessons, if you will. I might also just want to talk about how much I miss scuba diving now I no longer do it. Sure, it has nothing to do with photography, nor business, but it’s something I used to put my heart and soul in to regularly for over ten years. Indeed, my first published piece of journalism centred around diving, so it’s a big part of who I am.

The problem with writing a well thought-through blog post, is that you have to consider why you’re writing it, and who for. So you spend forever thinking of a beginning, middle and an end; maybe even a conclusion if you’re trying to be clever. You also think about the (bad) language you use and what your past / present / future clients might be thinking when they read it. The next few weeks and months are spent sharing the content over and over again on Twitter or Facebook, and monitoring how well it does. I see the benefits of it all, I just hate doing it.

I just want to write. It feels quite therapeutic.

So go ahead and share this page if you want. That’d be great. It might also defeat the object of writing something when I know people are reading it. But go ahead and add this URL to your Bookmarks and visit from time to time. I’m 87 per cent confident you’ll find it either funny, interesting or plain boring.