A Royal Birth

So the whole world is (allegedly) enthralled by the birth of a future King of England. The Global Media stood and waited for weeks on end to be the first to report on and photograph two humans standing in a doorway with a wee bundle of joy in their arms. And whilst the eyes of the media were looking that way, my lens was angled towards a slightly different king.

Just six weeks ago two lion cubs entered the world at Copenhagen Zoo and last Wednesday they got their very first glimpse of life outdoors. As the door opened, mum cautiously popped her head outside for a quick butchers (that means ‘look’ to the 99% of you who are unfamiliar with my crazy language) and shortly after, egged on my ma, the two kiddies stepped over the threshold for the first time.

Zoos have rarely fascinated me, but to watch these amazing creatures explore their new surroundings was wondrous. Back and forth they paced, and with one of them clearly lazy (or possibly disabled), Mrs Lion did the crowd a favour and chucked in a couple of laps with the youngster in her mouth.