A touch of vintage

Finding something stimulating to do in Copenhagen over winter hasn’t been tough exactly, but of course it seems to get harder as the weeks draw on. At this time of year, finding events to take pictures of has been equally challenging, as most organisers and promoters use the dark nights and cold weather to plan their summertime shenanigans.

For the team at Generator Hostel, a stone’s throw from Kongens Nytorv, it seems that the pace has far from slowed down, as their current exhibition shows. Not content with just running a typical hostel, event co-ordinator Michelle has been busy liaising with locals in the area to make the most of the cosy exhibition space downstairs.

Their current exhibition ‘Boutique 2 Boutique’ has been running since 18th February and was inspired by Copenhagen Fashion Week that ran at the same time. I received an invite to the opening party (having attended their first exhibition for Danish photographer Thomas Skou) and was amazed to see just how much effort EVERYONE had put in. Not only were the mannequins eloquently dressed in vintage clothing, in a room coated in a shade of rich red, but also the invitees, who came dressed for the occasion. Like a scene out of a 1920s dancehall, the girls (it’s always the girls) came splendidly dressed and suddenly gave cause for my camera to be switched on. In between stealing some awesome hors d’oeuvres and sampling a cocktail or two from the bar, I managed to persuade a group of Danes to come for an impromptu photo session amongst the dolls (the results of which can be seen here).

Back in the bar area, the display continues with an array of vintage-inspired jewelry and magazines, which, like the clothing, have all been provided by local boutiques in the area. And this is what I like about the whole idea. Having travelled a fair bit myself, when I go somewhere I want to be immersed in the local culture and history; I want to mix with the people who call that city or country their home. The events and exhibitions at Generator so far have achieved this wonderfully. Walking around that night I could spot plenty of tourists and out-of-towners, but there was no mistaking that glottal stop language of the Danes spilling out from other tables and ambient corners of the bar. It’s a great experience.

Thankfully the exhibition has been extended, so you can still catch it until the 5th April. Expect to see items on display from Carmen Vintage, Frolov Jewelry and FN92 to name but a few.

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