Best Instagram Photos of Copenhagen 2016

Copenhagen has to be one of the world’s best places to photograph

I’ve been fortunate enough to live in many special places around the world over the years: France, Australia, many parts of the UK, and of course Denmark.

Each and every one of these places has been special in one way or another. In Southampton, as a 23-year-old, I made a small group of friends for life, and enjoyed living in a city so famous for its links to the Titanic tragedy (a small obsession of mine)

And in Australia, driving bare-foot through the streets of Brisbane at sundown, listening to The Doors, will forever stay in my thoughts. I could go on and on, and I’m sure you have your own special memories from across the globe.

But over the last few years, technology has boomed to immeasurable levels. It means that everywhere we go, and everything we do, can be recorded and broadcast live, or photographed and published to Social Media in seconds.

In other words, these past four years living in Copenhagen have been the most documented years of my life. In many ways Facebook and Instagram have consumed a lot of my spare time, but I’ll be honest and say I enjoy looking back through these physical memories and one day being able to share them with my kids.

But there’s a very big difference here, in that Copenhagen is perhaps THE best city in the world to take pictures. “He’s bias,” I hear you say. Perhaps. But I don’t know of any other city anywhere in the world where you can photograph the following:

  • Amazing Modern Architecture
  • Historic Buildings and Cobbled Streets
  • Huge Sporting Events
  • Live Gigs (both big and intimate)
  • Seasonal Weather (Autumn Leaves, Frozen Lakes, Semi-Naked Beachgoers)
  • City-Centre Waterways you can swim in
  • Gay Pride
  • A Very Active Nightlife (for all kinds of people)
  • Theme Parks
  • Possibly the most Insane Fireworks on New Year’s Eve
  • Car-Free Sundays
  • Politics on the World-Stage

I could spend all day adding to that list; it truly goes on and on. So instead I’d like to keep today’s Blog Post to an absolute minimum and let the photos do the talking.

Below you can see a teeny-weeny collage I threw together on Photoshop this morning, showcasing some of my favourite Instagram images of Copenhagen in 2016.

Keep it real…