Genesis (great band)

Nothing screams ‘egotistical’ quite like a blog; that’s why this one is my second. Hey, it’s a whole page dedicated to me and all the awesome things I get up to (Jantelov anyone?) But then writing and telling stories is what I do. Whether it’s with a camera or a pen, I have lots of really great stuff to share with you and I promise all of it will be positive and productive in some way.

But allow me to backtrack a little. Back in September 2012 I moved to everyone’s favourite Scandinavian destination, Denmark – a bold move for someone planning to start his own business as a Freelance Photographer. I only knew a handful of people, had no network or contacts, spoke very basic conversational danish, and had almost no money left after an eight-month Southern Hemisphere adventure. It was the craziest (and therefore best) idea I’d ever had.

I started writing a blog for the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs. I still do, in fact. But it seems a bit odd to write about photography techniques or adventures in Egypt on a blog about Denmark. If you go and read it you might be impressed at how I tried to incorporate photography in to my ramblings. Or, you might just think I’m desperate for some traffic to this site. Your are correct on both counts. Instead I’ve decided that this is the best outlet for everything Photography by Matthew James-related.

So for now I will leave it there. Check back regularly for all sorts of gossip, but notably this kind of stuff:

  • Photography tips and advice
  • My experiences working as a freelance photographer
  • Homage to my friends and colleagues in the business
  • Travel and adventure
  • Life (otherwise known as ‘General Ramblings’)

  • And that’s it. Welcome to The Blog (original name, isn’t it. I welcome your suggestions for something slightly more hip than that.)