Getting Liked on Instagram

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve been committing myself to setting aside at least an hour every day to concentrate on Social Media. It’s something I’ve been struggling with for quite some time now, as I struggle to find the time, patience or topics to tweet, write or share anything. The workload is pretty steady over summer, especially with all the races going on in Copenhagen, and for me these take precedence over everything else. But there-in lies the problem. With a lot of creative industries the term ‘Feast or Famine’ get banded around a lot; a concept that simply means one day you’re earning, the next you’re not. So in order to keep the year flowing smoothly you should continue to promote your business so those rainy days don’t feel so wet. That’s the idea anyway.

My last assistant, Antoaneta, was great at teaching me new things about Social Media, and together we started to find some form of consistency. Sadly she’s no longer with me, but having her on board has certainly taught me a thing or two about marketing.

Right now I’m not going to go in to too much detail about my methods or approach, simply because I’m just starting to catch up with those I’m chasing and don’t want to be overtaken any time soon. But each day I chipped away at Facebook, Google, Twitter and Instagram, and slowly started to find my feet. But the one thing that has really cheered me up this week was a picture of mine being shared on Instagram. GoVisitDenmark, whom I have a love-hate relationship with, at long last grabbed one of my images and ran with it. They ran so hard and fast that within 24hrs it had already racked up over a thousand Likes and comments. It was this picture below:

Copenhagen City, photographer in copenhagen, fotograf i københavn, view of copenhagen, pictures of copenhagen

Naturally I tweeted the shit out of it and managed to attract new followers and shares, and it felt brilliant to finally have some viewers appreciating my work. There’s definitely a level of vanity involved in photography, and sometimes I just need my ego stroking gently. This did the job.

Over the coming months I’ll slowly start to share a few tips and secrets to finding success on Social Media, but I’m a very long way from perfecting the art, so it would be a little odd to boast too much about it. But just for the record, today I discovered that I show up third (out of three) on a list of Photographers in Copenhagen on Google. Just sayin’