Google’s Nik Collection Resumes Development After DxO Buyout

Resurrection of Popular Software

The resurrection of the popular photo editing software Nik Collection is taking place. For the benefit of the photographer community the continued development of Nik Collection comes about after DxO announces that it has acquired the platform from Google, who, after months passing, said that they were ending development and abandoning the brand.

Back in 2012, Nik software and its popular Snapseed app was originally acquired by Google. By 2016, the price of Nik software had become free, dropping in price from as much as $500, making a lot of photographers very happy. Nik Collection became known for its post-processing features including: sharpening, noise reduction, HDR, black-and-white conversion, and film simulation, operating from its plug-ins which photographers had come to rely on to complete certain tasks. The news that Google would be discontinuing the software came as a huge letdown to the photographers community when Google announced that they would be halting the development of the product earlier this year. The DxOMark brand that reviews highly influential camera equipment as well as creating imaging processing software is a French company that has decided to give new life to the Nik Collection.


Free Access

The DxO website provides free access to the Nik Collection where download links to the plugins are available in exchange for an email address. The package contains 7 desktop plugins for Photoshop and Lightroom.


According to existing DxO software will incorporate Nik Collection technologies. For example, Nik Collection’s U Point technology is included in the new update for DxO PhotoLab and other conversion software such as OpticsPro RAW has seen itself rebranded by DxO in this new merger.

imageimagePossible Monetisation, However

By this time next year a new version of Nik Collection software will be released by DxO; whether it’ll revert to paid-for software or continue to be free remains to be seen. Watch this space!

Here’s what Matt had to say about Nik Collection: “This is editing software that I use and I love it. It was recently announced that Google would stop updating it and one day it would probably end. But from a backlash from “togs” this third party, DxO, has been persuaded to buy it from Google and resume. The world is a better place.”

Words by Elijah (Content Marketer).

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