New Year. New Career?


And Refresh, Isn’t that how January 1st feels each year? I guess if life sucks day after day then the date makes no difference, but for me I constantly look forward to the challenges and possibilities the New Year brings.

Just four days in to 2017 and already the wheels are turning. I’ve bought a new domain name (much more on that later), started taking bookings for photo assignments, sold tickets for my Photography Business Event in Derby, almost finished my Best of 2016 Portfolio, bought a new apartment, and fallen off my bike. And to think that I used to sit behind a desk, just staring at the clock on the wall. How times have changed!


I say all of this not to boast, but to encourage you to make some lasting changes in your lives. We all agree that 2016 was a bit messed up; a bit topsy-turvy. A lot of it made me wonder what the future holds; made me realise that it’s always unpredictable. And I think that also applies to our jobs.

I started my own business because I couldn’t land a decent job anywhere else in Copenhagen. Don’t get me wrong, it was always the plan to be a freelance photographer here, but I thought I’d find regular full-time employment whilst I got things setup. Alas, it wasn’t the case, and I was forced to work ten times harder to get the business up and running. It took patience, luck and determination, and quite often there were non of these to hand, but as you can see the risk paid off.

Some people are never going to get it, though. Members of my family have asked, “Do you think you’ll ever have a proper job again?” which is a bit of a slap in the face. But when I look back through my favourite images of 2016 all I’m faced with is variety; people, places and stories that all come together through a Nikon lens. Sometimes it makes me money, other times it just makes me proud and grateful to have been there in the first place.

No matter where you live in the world, becoming a pro photographer is within the grasp of everybody, regardless of your current skills or business experience. I used to work for an energy company, for Christ’s sake… the proof is in the pudding, or however that phrase goes.

So if you’re sitting there reading this and nodding your head then it’s time to take matters in to your own hands. And if you’re within driving distance of Derby, England, then I’m going to give you a helping hand


And because I really want this event to be a success, I’ve decided to extend the deadline for using the discount code BD2016. Simply enter this at the checkout to benefit from 20 per cent off the price.

As I said several weeks ago in an Instagram post , “Life’s too Short. Make it Count.”