The Crookes

There’s a great band coming to Copenhagen tomorrow (Friday 9th) night. The Crookes – who hail from Sheffield, England – will be playing Loppen from 9pm, and I definitely recommend paying them a visit.

Drummer Russell Bates and I studied photojournalism in Sheffield back in 2008/09 and, like most of us who completed the course, he successfully went on to start a career as a photographer. From what I remember, he landed a job with an agency in Leeds and became a founding member of Statement Images.

As is always the case, we went our separate ways and lost touch, but I do remember him being a great photographer and I even ‘borrowed’ a few of his ideas when I got my first paid position at a newspaper.

I thought he was mad when a little bird told me he was going to pursue a musical career with the band, simply because I thought that most bands never make it past the local pub circuit, even the ones that deserve it.

But then I heard them live.

A few months after moving to Copenhagen I discovered that The Crookes were heading to the city to perform, so naturally I raced over to the venue to watch them. I’m ashamed to say I didn’t really know what to expect. It takes a lot for me to get excited about a band I know nothing about and it’s not very often that I find myself really enjoying a live band unless I know at least 60% of their material.

But The Crookes converted me that night. At the very least I was looking forward to seeing an old friend and watching a live band, but when the group arrived to a rapturous applause from the strong crowd, I realised that they had managed to make that transition from local band to respected musicians.

Individually they all seemed to be performing solo on stage ( or maybe it was just that each member demanded attention with their own style of performing ). But the music spoke volumes.

The Crookes' new album, Soapbox

Comparing bands to ones that have come before is a bit tricky, but fans of The Smiths won’t be disappointed. I strongly suggest taking a listen to them yourself to help make your mind up. You can watch their official music video for Afterglow to get a taster of what they’re all about. Get ready to be start singing the chorus repeatedly in your head for the next 24 hours.

Alternatively, check out Loppen’s website for more details.

Just to be cheeky, I’m going to throw this portrait of Russell in for good measure. He won’t mind…

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