The results are in

To those of you who who read my last post you are probably eagerly awaiting the outcome of my ‘final’ exams. Well, constant reader, fear not, for the time has come.

This morning I sat my Oral exam – a two-minute presentation on a subject I was given just over a week ago, followed by a short description of two cartoons placed in front of me, depicting two different scenes.

My subject for the first part was the tantalising theme of ‘Social inequalities in Denmark, with focus on “Udkantsdanmark”‘ (the term given to towns and areas that have a small population, few jobs and are generally pretty boring).

I had practiced my presentation religiously over the past few days and was confident about giving it this morning. Three lengthy questions followed before I was asked to describe the cartoons, which showed two very different working scenarios in an office environment. Again, a trio of tough questions followed and I answered accordingly (or so I thought, anyway). The examiner was probably not expecting great things after my totally incorrect answer to his very first question:
“Do you have your legitimation with you,” he asked (in Danish, of course).
“Yes, I’m all ready,” I replied. I have never heard anyone say the word ‘legitimation’ before, so I just threw in the first response that came in to my head. A bad start.

But, nevertheless, I managed to get a 7, which is perhaps slightly better than average (the grading system is as follows: -3, 0, 2, 4, 7, 10, 12)

For the written exam a few weeks ago I also achieved a 7, and for the reading exam a 10. So I haven’t done enough to automatically go up to module 6, but I discovered only very recently that there is another way.

If one achieves at least a 7 for each exam then it is possible to sit Optagelsestest til Studieprøvehold. In other words, a second test to determine your language abilities. Sadly I was working both dates when the test was held, so I can’t report back on that one.

But for now the formal language education is over for me. I can’t deny that it’s been a very useful process and I have improved dramatically since starting at Copenhagen Language Center a year ago to this very day. It really is a great place to learn and to make new friends and now that I think about it I will definitely miss everyone there.

To those of you just starting out on your Danish language journey I wish you all the best and hope that you stick at it. It’s a tough process, but worth every minute.