What's in the bag?

Yorkshire Tea

I’m eagerly awaiting our next guests from overseas in a few days time, as my sister and her partner grace us with their presence from the UK. What equally excites me are the potential contents of their suitcase.

When my folks came to visit several weeks ago it was like a mini Christmas. As they opened up their bag, I couldn’t believe my eyes when they pulled out the largest bag of Yorkshire Tea teabags I’ve ever seen. 1200 no less. Not to mention the massive slab of Cadbury’s Dairy Milk chocolate and Cathedral City cheddar cheese. The latter have both long gone, but the tea is still going strong.

It’s amazing what small things you start to miss once you’ve made that giant leap to a new country. I’m quite lucky that England is so close and relatively cheap to get to, and, being English, it’s easy to find the English goods section at the local supermarket. It’s the one full of expensive biscuits, marmite and the aforementioned tea bags. But for others it’s not so convenient. Take Australians, for example. I don’t think I’ve ever been to the house of an Australian living away from home who doesn’t have an XL tub of Milo sitting in one of the cupboards. But it’s an expensive import in all forms, especially when it’s brought over by a friend or relative at 10,000 DKK a pop (contact me if you have no idea what this phrase means). But how excited are we when we lay eyes on these products for the first time. It’s these small items that make the biggest difference.

I know for a fact that our guests will be bringing a few things that I’ve personally requested this time, including a new laptop battery, a power adaptor, and possibly a new strap for my camera. These are all boring and sadly necessary things, but I’ve got my fingers crossed for at least at little something extra to make my mouth water.

So what’s on your wish list each time a loved one comes to visit? I’d love to hear what you can’t possibly live without for a few months.

p.s. If Amy is reading this, I hope you get the message. A simple 5-pack of Kit-Kat Chunkys will suffice.