Who Needs a Photo Studio to Get the Job Done?

Turns out a simple white background and a couple of strobes is all you need

As promised yesterday, over the next few weeks I’ll be re-sharing photography content with you from the past 12 months.

Today’s post has been taken from the 2015 Recap Newsletter

When Disney illustrator Pernille Ørum asked me to provide her with a brand new portrait for her Instagram and Twitter profiles, I did two things. The first was to check how many Followers she had across both platforms, and the second was to say ‘yes’.


Pernille has no less than 145k followers on Instagram and this alone was a good enough reason to agree to the photoshoot. In addition to this, she also sits opposite me in our cozy little office in the heart of Copenhagen, so refusing her didn’t seem like an option.

And the cool thing about it? The fact that we got this shot in under 20 minutes – including equipment setup – in our tiny 3x5m kitchenette area!


Using a plain white background, two portable strobes (flash units), a reflector and a light stand, we quickly managed to get this final shot. The natural light shining through the windows in the ceiling might have helped a little, too.

4,042 Likes and counting so far on Pernille’s Instagram account.

Equipment Used

  • • Nikon D800
  • • Nikon 50mm f1.4 lens
  • • Camera tethered to an Apple Macbook Air
  • • 2 x Nikon SB-800 strobes set to Manual
  • • Pocket Wizard III Transmitter and Receiver
  • • Manfrotto Aluminium Combi-Boom Stand with Sandbag
  • • PhotoSEL Reversible Black/White Collapsible Background 1.5m x 2m
  • • Lastolite Joe Mcnally Trigrip Kit
  • • Lastolite TriGrip Bracket For Use With Tri Grip Reflectors & Diffusers
  • • Exposure Settings: 1/30 sec, f5.0, ISO 800
  • • Edited in Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop

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