12 hour day

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Starting early and finishing late to get the job done

It’s late in the day, but there’s definitely still time to bang out a blog post before the sun sets. By the time I click ‘publish’ on this entry I would have passed the 12-hour mark; completing a full day of work that has included more photos for Nike at the Bella Center, and running pictures at the BMW Mini City Løb (race) here in Copenhagen.

The office is completely quiet at this time of night, save for the background noise from the street below. It’s a relaxing time of day to be working, but it also demands some music to keep me going. Currently I’m editing the race pics, and scoffing down a Chinese Takeaway from across the street (it was dirt), but thankfully I’m almost done.

And speaking of halfway points, this journal marks the point where I cross over to writing for half a week, as part of my week-long blog experiment. Granted I haven’t written anything ground-breaking, but that was never the point. Doing it this way has certainly helped me to just get my thoughts down, regardless of whether anyone was reading the damn thing or not. Which is what it boils down to for all bloggers and writers eventually: is anybody listening to a word we say, or are we just chatting shit in to the ether? Does it make us any less relevant?

As Thursday fast approaches, my calendar shows no signs of letting up. Plenty of editing to catch up on tomorrow, and a Private Photography Workshop on Thursday. And I’m still waiting to hear whether or not I’ve landed a job for Footlocker on Saturday.

I’ve literally just clicked ‘send’ with these race images, so I think I’ll leave you with one of my favourite photos from the night.