Being Part of History

When was the last time you received a letter in the post with your own stamp stuck to it?

This was the scenario for me back in summer, when an envelope dropped through the letterbox addressed to the business.

Interestingly, in the top right hand corner was an image I recognised from my own photo archive: a female runner from the 2014 Copenhagen Marathon.


I’d sold the image to Post Denmark six months before and was told it would be used to promote sport. Naturally I was quite excited to see the finished product – something I’d created would go down in history with all the other stamps from the past few hundred years.

I was, therefore, more than a little surprised when I saw how heavily edited it turned out to be. A decision I was not informed of at any stage in the process. Still, it wasn’t anything worth crying about.

The stamp made up part of a collection of five stamps in total, all depicting some kind of sporting activity.

It didn’t make me rich, but it was certainly one of the prouder moments of 2016.