Facebook Bans a Photographer Who Innocently Posted About ‘Shooting a Few Christians.’


Double Entendre

When it comes to the word “shooting,” photographers can be subject to endless jokes. So when you post about “shooting a bunch of Christians,” the double entendre is there; this is what happened to one London photographer who found himself faced with a Facebook ban because the phrase appeared to be violent when in fact it was merely innocent.


After writing a post in which he detailed plans to take pictures at a central London church, Nicolas Chinardet found out he had been banned from Facebook for 24 hours.


With reference to photographing people and evidence that he is a photographer his account was suspended less than half an hour after the innocent status went live. Nicolas took to Twitter to vent his frustrations as there was no apparent way to appeal the ban, something he claims has a direct effect on his business.

He Tweeted:

“I’ve just been blocked from Facebook for 24hrs for posting that I was “shooting a few Christians”…. I’m a f****** photographer… no way to appeal or explain.”

The project was for a magazine feature on Gay Pride which involved taking pictures of an LGBT Christian group, he said.

Not The First Time

Having been policed by Facebook previously, the news probably didn’t sit too well with Chinardet. The social network has previously removed some of his nightclub imagery for being “too sexually explicit.”

No Comment

Chinardet has since lost all of his social media followers claiming that since the incident his entire page has not only just been unpublished but his entire page has been deleted. He has spoken with newspapers about this who have reached out to Facebook for a comment.

Words By Elijah (Content Marketer)