Foreigners wanted in Denmark

Right then, who wants to be photographed?

More importantly, who can tick off each and every one of the requirements on this list, and wants to be photographed?

i) You were not born in Denmark
ii) You have either A) Moved here permanently or, B) moved here temporarily
iii) Or, you might be visiting Copenhagen purely as an entertainer or contributor to society somehow
iv) You have an interesting story to tell that focuses on why you came here in the first place

For my next project as part of an up-coming exhibition entitled Danish Imports I’m looking for a few more faces.

So far I’ve photographed Brazilian opera singers, Australian architects, and a freak show duo from the US. Now I need you to help me tell a few more stories.

I’m extending the invite to everyone who reads this but only a small handful are going to make it through to ‘the final.’ Simply because exhibition space is tight.

So if you’re thinking “I wasn’t born here and I’ve got a story to tell,” then please contact me and include a recent photograph and a short summary about yourself and your life prior to moving here. The following questions will need answering, too.

Full Name
Date of Birth
Country of Origin
Languages Spoken
Date moved to Copenhagen and reason for doing so
Where you live (area, not street name)
Your career before moving to Copenhagen
Your career now / current status
What do you feel you contribute to Danish society?
What do you enjoy most about living Denmark / Copenhagen?
What challenges have you faced over here?
Do you feel you are integrating well in to society? Why?
Your plans for the future

The opening night of the exhibition is Friday 18th July at Generator Hostel on Adelgade and will include free drinks and maybe even a bit of grub.

Above all else it’s going to be a celebration of everyone who’s been imported in to Denmark for whatever reason. I want to show the locals that we haven’t just come here to steal their jobs or scrounge off their welfare system. So many of us have something to contribute to this society we have welcomed.

After the results of last night’s election I feel this is more important than ever.

Looking forward to hearing from you all…