Handbag Marketing Chief needed

A Danish job vacancy website has published a tongue-in-cheek position for an Animal Skin Handbag Marketing Chief. The bags allegedly contain skin from Marius the Giraffe, as well as recently killed lions and other endangered species.

Whoever said that Danes don’t have a sense of humour?

The opening line reads, “Are you fond of animals and are you a strong marketing talent who can sell fashion products manufactured by some of the world ‘s most exotic breeds? Then join us from the start, when we launch Marius’ bag collection.”

The announcement goes on to read, “Since early 2014 we have continuously put animals aside for other purposes and you will now have the opportunity to play a key role in our bag collection produced by, amongst others, a giraffe, lions, and the white handed gibbon.

“The collection will be sold in leading lifestyle stores as well as at special stalls set in front of the surviving animals’ cages at the zoo.”

The fake job vacancy on jobindex.dk comes immediately after Copenhagen Zoo caused worldwide controversy after killing a giraffe named Marius, as well as four lions, including two healthy cubs.

Despite citing genetic issues and breeding programmes, members of the international public failed to support the zoo’s decisions and many blogs and websites expressed disgust and outrage. Many Danes, on the other hand, failed to see what the problem was when the news went viral around the globe.

photography by matthew james, copenhagen zoo, københavn zoo, marius, giraffe, lions, april fools

The job posting (in Danish), as seen on jobindex.dk

The unnamed zoo’s director is quoted as saying, “”We hope that the Danes will welcome the new products. The zoo wants to show how exotic animals can be used for anything other than Sunday outings and breeding programs. And we are very pleased that nothing goes to waste when these noble beasts make wooden shoes.” Products made of turtleshell and lion’s shoulder are promised for the near future.

The cheeky advert, which was published on April Fool’s Day, will no doubt remind genuine job-seekers of Copenhagen Zoo. Marketing experts, zoologists and trained butchers are encouraged to apply immediately.