James Bond: Skyfall premiere

The last time I was photographing celebs on the red carpet was at London’s Leicester Square, for the premiere of Julian Fellowes’ The Young Victoria. I arrived late after a job interview (which I didn’t get) and wasn’t allowed access to the press pit, so had to settle instead for a wet area on the side of the road outside the theatre, where no one could even here me shouting ‘This way, Mr Broadbent – this way.’

Last night’s Danish premiere of Skyfall – the new Bond outing – was completely different. I arrived two hours early, gained access to the nice, warm, dry area indoors, and found a prime position to photograph the endless line of Danish celebs that headed my way. The only problem was, I didn’t have a chuffing clue who any of them were!

Surely Mads Mikkelsen will show up, I thought – or what about Sarah Lund? Or that other bad guy from Casino Royale. And speaking of royale, surely I’d be able to recognise Crown Prince Frederik and his wife Princess Mary.

So this is the challenge I now face as a photojournalist in a new country. I’ve been so preoccupied with setting up my own business and worrying about all the red tape that I didn’t really stop to pay attention to the pop-culture in a new land. Last night I was surrounded by the Simon Cowells and Prince Harrys of Denmark and to me it just felt like just another well-organised Social Diary (private party / social fundraiser etc). Which leads me nicely in to my point regarding the rich and the famous. I’ve met my fair share of rock stars, actors, and sports personalities, but I’ve never been in awe of them or asked for a photograph with them. Yet I’ve seen people in hysterics at the mere site of a C-list actor as he signs his new DVD, ‘Taking it Downtown 7 – Revenge of Mr Downtown.” This particular actor was backstage before the signing, losing his temper just because he didn’t want to be there. He was so aggressive that the hand of my colleague interviewing him was shaking with fear. But of course, when he came out to meet his adoring fans he was all smiles and charm and the people lapped it up.

What I enjoy about meeting celebrities is the realisation that they are no different to you and me, and when it boils down to it they have the same emotions, problems, hobbies and dreams. They can be shy and quiet, or they have a passion for brewing real ale and just want to settle down working in their own brewery somewhere out in the countryside. With all this in mind, I wonder how the celebrities of Denmark compare. Once you cross the border these faces become unknown, and maybe that has some effect on their egos. And in a country where the next in line to the throne can easily go out for a coffee without any fuss, I have high hopes for getting to photograph people who are a little more down to earth when it comes to their opinion of themselves.

So now begins a long process of going through my images and trying to figure out who is who. Feel free to add your comments and help me out a little here, but for now enjoy this tiny selection of dazzling golden women and your humble host with a gun in his mouth.

p.s. I did manage to photograph a very popular man who arrived at the very end and had everyone snapping away at him and his beautiful wife. I could only assume that he must have been the new Bond Villain. I’ll let you decide for yourself.

Is he a singer?

I saw this guy on Denmark’s Next Top Model.

Who is this?

No idea who this is


Music producer Remee

Press Pack

The media meet Remee

The Man with the plastic gun

Your blogger Matthew and model Maria

The Prince and Princess

Le Chiffre? On no, wait a minute…

Golden Girls

Golden Girls