Journal Seven Day Challenge

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Time to try something different

OK, so straight off the bat I’ll get to the point: I’m clinging on to the imaginary wall that is Google, and looking down isn’t an option; I want to climb to the top.

Everything I do on the internet (at least, everything under the umbrella of Photography by Matthew James) is done to promote the business, especially that global Search Engine that everybody constantly raves about. It’s a super-tool, it really is. I’m not entirely sure there’ll be an end to their growth as far as user-friendly technology is concerned. It’s a fast-moving train that we all want to jump on before it speeds off without us.

Which brings me nicely to the purpose of today’s blog. And if you’re a creative business type like me then consider this an experiment that you can watch from the sidelines. If I fail, you’ll be just fine, but if I succeed then take note of my achievements and get cracking yourself.

I’m going to write a journal entry everyday for at least the next seven days. Do I have enough time and ideas to put ‘pen to paper’ that often? That’s a question I’ve been asking myself for the last few hours, but they say that writing regularly helps improve the craft.

And let’s not forget, that the orignal purpose of this journal – now in it’s eighth month – was to be just that: an honest, straight to the point diary of thoughts, aimed at focusing on helping other photographers, designers and creative folk who want to also improve their marketing and SEO skills.

Page 4.2 in Google

The idea came to me just this morning, after I’d booted up the computer and checked my Google Page Rankings. I was surprised to see, that despite the huge success of my Copenhagen Marathon Photo Book offer, I still ranked on Page 4. What made it even harder to swallow, was that those websites immediately above me in Google were just awful. I don’t mean to be cruel, here, but the images were piss poor and the designs and page layouts looked amateur to say the least. So naturally I was a bit ticked off to see my site below these.

What could I do about it, I asked myself over and over again. I have a strong portfolio, alt tags and keywords galore, a page that has been seen by over 1000 people in just over a week, and lots more pro-SEO words and content.

Well, I don’t KNOW the answer, but finding out is the name of the game, and that’s the main purpose of writing a journal for the next seven days. When I look back over the last couple of months and try to identify what I’ve become sloppy at doing, it’s definitely writing and sharing images on Instagram. So they’re the two things I’m about to change.

I’ve chosen not to share this entry on Social Media, as it’s a work in progress and I’m afraid that there’s not much in it for my audience. But, if you are reading this (because you’re having a cheeky browse through my site) then feel free to quickly send the word BOO 1 to me via Facebook, Twitter, or even my email.