Looking back on 2015 so far

This entry was originally posted on my main journal over at www.matthewjames.dk

The last couple of nights have just felt like bliss, as I settle down on the couch and listen to the rain outside, knowing full well that my busy season is behind me. Since the build up to the Copenhagen Marathon began back in April business has been booming. There’s been half-a-dozen weddings, countless races, and the occasional portrait photography session in the studio, and I’m sitting next to my third assistant of the year already. Michelle just popped round today to have a quick portrait for her acting CV, and now she’s researching HARD to find some interesting topics for future blog posts. It’s a relief to have her here, to be honest. Since my former assistant, Antoaneta, left and returned to Bulgaria, it’s been like a juggling act all over again. Sorry to see her leave, but one door closes etc etc.


At the weekend it was the biggest ever Copenhagen Half Marathon to date, and I was down in the Frederiksberg area of town to document the race. You can read more about it here, but to conclude it was one of the easier sporting events I’ve covered this year. It helped that there were other photographers photographing the race throughout the rest of the city, and my filming duties were reduced significantly due to the fact that another team were on the case. So it was easier to focus on getting a really strong picture this time, which I think I achieved.


Last night I found myself working til 1am, as I realised an annoying fact about subdomains. Hey, it’s a really boring story, so I won’t go in to details, but basically it centres around the Main Blog page, which is classed as a subdomain. The whole point of the blog was to entertain and educate those who read it, but also to create fresh content and relevant keywords that Google could scan, thereby realising that PBMJ was a photography company worth putting as far up the Search Ladder as possible. In short, it’s meant to drive continuous traffic to my website. Well, last night I discovered that I’d been spitting in the wrong bucket for the last nine months and every blog post since January has not been seen by the Search Engines. So now we’re trying to figure out how we can turn this everyday journal in to some kind of a blog. That so wasn’t my point with this page, and I want to stay true to my original plans, but I need to reduce the risk of being penalised by the mighty Google and continue to promote the business.

And what do I love the most about all of this? It’s the fact that I have no University education, nor official training in anything but photography and editing. Yet somehow I’m able to design websites and programme HTML; sort out all my invoices, pricing and accountancy issues; promote and market the business, and still find time to spend with my family and go on holiday. This isn’t meant as a boast, simply as a proud moment that I think I deserve after the busiest year of all time. So remember, folks; if I can do all this, then so can you.