Standard Bearers of the Industry Can’t Be Undercut

So, how do we critically assess the competition in an ever-increasing market and not let production values’ standards slide? An interesting case-in-point is the story of a middle-man photography service called Soply – formerly PhotoPitch. Claiming to be a creative consultancy platform, Soply made it their business to link up professional photographers with both people and businesses who needed visual services. But could so-called “trusted” freelancers worldwide deliver a better service than tried and tested, industry-standard services like PbMJ and others like us? Here’s what the boss Matthew had to say:

“The thing with a middle-man such as Soply is that it could deliver business-to-business professional assignments at good prices but it was only when they began to add the cheaper alternative of business-to-client services, such as weddings and parties, that, all of a sudden, low-rate amateur photographers were undercutting the more professional services meaning that the industry standard was being watered down.”

Shutter Down

Today, PbMJ has learned that Soply has had to close for business. In an official statement, they said:

“It’s with great sadness we have to announce, that we’re unable to continue operating Soply. We know a lot of you benefited from our platform, but unfortunately it didn’t grow as intended. We did our best to come up with a solution to save it all, but ultimately we failed.

“Effective immediately we’re no longer accepting new jobs and signups on the platform, and from November 1st 2017 we’ll be shutting it down completely.

“We would like to apologize to those who have been waiting on this (or still are) — the last many months leading up to this unfortunate event has been extremely hard on us.”

Fast Growth, even Speedier Decline

It might seem strange that, for a company that was awarded the UK Business Angels Association Award in 2016 for Best International Growth Business, Soply would see its demise a mere year later, but it simply echoes what the PbMJ boss says: you can’t water down the industry standard if you expect to be a market leader and have longevity.

Words by Elijah (Content Marketer).

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