Summer Update

“Your blog entries don’t show up in my news feed anymore”

Never fear, dear reader, I have not died or disappeared.

Summer has truly been upon us these last few weeks and with the warm weather comes a calendar full of events and photoshoots.

Unfortunately it means I have abandoned my post and my writing commitments have dwindled. Instead I’ve been editing videos, portraits and photo books for clients all around the world. There’s been Cubans, Americans, Spaniards and plenty of Danes, all in need of an amazing photographer. That’s me, yeah?

“I can’t understand how you afford to stay in business”

By far the best question I received recently, and this one from my new assistant, David. David has replaced Monsieur Pierre Mangez as my right hand man and has been helping me out on a number of assignments. On the way to a particular job, David was trying to get his head around how it was possible to maintain a successful photography business without balancing a second job. The answer is simple: set your prices accurately and market yourself efficiently.

What’s coming up?

Nobody asked me this question, but hopefully when I post this some of you will be slightly interested. Well, at the moment I’m in the process of putting together the Summer Newsletter, and this one is packed full of useful advice, including how to adjust your prices in times of economic woe. The article is inspired by the price increase of photo equipment in the UK since the Brexit referendum result back in June. Stay tuned for when that one drops.

I’ve also launched a brand new business called Lazy Dog Custom Apps. I’m looking for small business owners who are passionate about their products and services, and require a mobile-friendly website with great pictures to go with it. So if you know anyone who fits the bill then please pass on my details!

Becoming a dad again

I’d just like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their kind words of support at the arrival of my son, Atlee. My partner and I both feel very grateful for our amazing family and friends, and the healthy arrival of our newborn.