Viral Photographer Quits To Make Bread.


Amassing over 300,000 followers after dreamlike photos from Burning Man Festival went wildly viral online a few years ago, photographer Victor Habchy went on to become a Sony ambassador as his career took off. But, as of last week, Victor Habchy has quit photography.

Turning Away.

As well as sharing his work with a huge social media following, Habchy went on to work as part of Team Alpha representing Sony in France, as well as working for big clients like Adobe, forging a successful career, but explained in a post on his Facebook page why he’s turning away from photography.

Unexpected Success.

As his photos went viral his career unexpectedly dropped into his lap; it was never his plan to become a photographer, he dotes about his former profession.

“It wasn’t my plan,” Habchy writes. “At first, I didn’t even know I could earn money. I was just doing it because I loved it. And from shoot to shoot, from years to years, I started to grow an audience.

“Then I went to the Burning Man, probably the biggest turning point of my career,” Habchy continues. “I posted the pictures online and went to sleep. The next morning, my mailbox was filled with requests from newspapers, with models who wanted to meet, with messages of people saying how much they loved my pictures. It simply became viral. I was overwhelmed.”



Habchy has held an exhibition in Switzerland, traveled the world, worked on commercials, and has been hired by huge international brands in the subsequent 10 years.

“I loved every single moment of it,” Habchy says. “But it is time for me to quit.”

Habchy is no longer excited by the world of photography which is why the photographer says he is now walking away from it.

“Because I’ve done so many shoots, so many trips, so many pictures,” he writes. “I just want to move on.”



Time to make some dough…

“Don’t worry, I am not depressed, and I’m still very curious about loads of topics,” he states, noting that he wants to explore new horizons and learn new things.”

Among other things, he’s now planning to learn how to make bread, Habchy confessed.

“I have no word to express the gratitude I feel for you guys,’ Habchy tells his followers. “You helped me so much to grow and were always really supportive. I have been gifted. Thank you for your love and support.”

Popular photography blog, PetaPixel, which is a resource for photographers of all abilities, in the wake of the news, featured an hilarious comments section … “he quit photography to make some real dough” … “Or maybe he just wants to loaf…” … “his photography career is toast!” … “he just kneads a break” …

You can see more of Habchy’s work, including his amazing Burning Man pictures, by visiting

Words by Elijah (Content Marketer) via PetaPixel.