We have our Danish Imports!

Danish Imports, exhibition, udstilling, pbmj, photography by matthew james, expats, foreignersSeveral weeks ago I wrote a blog calling for non-Danes to step forward to be part of a new exhibition I’m hosting. The response was insane, I’m pleased to say, and after some heavy vetting, I managed to narrow it down to just a few people.

To quote the official Facebook Event Page, ‘Danish Imports’ aims to shine a different light on the many people who have in some way contributed to Danish society but were not born on Danish soil. From travelling entertainers and international students, to scientists, freak shows and journalists, these imports are just the tip of the iceberg.

The exhibition launch party takes place on Wednesday 13th August at Generator Hostel, 5-7 Adelgade, 1304 København K, and if you rock up early enough, you just might score yourself a free beverage or two.

I’ve spoken to so many expats and Danes about the theme of the exhibition, often as a result of hearing some of the obstacles that many of us have faced since moving here. The language, finding friends and networking, and facing stereotypes based on our countries of origin have all played a significant role in our lives since moving to Denmark. Speaking with these people has made me realise that we are by no means alone, and that we share a common bond.

What’s clear is that we love Denmark and the city of Copenhagen. Everyone has moved here (or briefly visited) either for a better life or to provide entertainment and excitement. Despite hearing some very sad tales, the exhibition’s subjects all share hope, freedom and optimism for the future. Meeting these people has been very inspiring indeed.

If you would like to join the party next month, head over to my Facebook page or the official Danish Imports page. And of course, you can always keep up to date via my Twitter and Instagram feeds.

Hope to see you there…